Tuesday, May 3


I finally crossed another item off of my bucket list the other day. I watched Tangled.

And my oh my did I enjoy that movie. I am a lover of Disney movies; The Little Mermaid being my favorite, Aladdin a very close second, and Beauty and the Beast coming right up behind them. I watched these over and over and over, and watch them now when I have one of those down in the dumps, nostalgic, blue days. And I'm quite certain that it is due to these animated, romantic comedies that began my love affair of romantic movies and a deep desire to be a princess. Yes, I'm convinced.

This princess, with long, golden hair, has been kidnapped from her family and held captive in a tall tower for years. Each year, on her birthday, her true family would light hundreds of lanterns in honor of her and in hopes of finding her again. It didn't matter to them if she was gone forever, or so far away that she couldn't even see them; they set those lanterns out and lit the entire sky like floating stars.

As I watched-and let's face it, admired-I thought to myself, How amazing and wonderful would it be to have someone who loved you and longed for you so much, that they would light such beautiful lanterns every year just for you...

But wait, I do have someone who loves me that much.

I have a Father and King who longs for my heart and my attention, who desires to have me in His kingdom, and who would light hundreds and thousands of lanterns to get my attention and find me again. And He probably has. For twenty years, He was sending lanterns and lights my way, and I just couldn't see them. Maybe, like Rapunzel, I did't even know they were for me.

When I look at a sky filled with orange and pink clouds, or an ocean alive with waves and dolphins, and gardens decorated by trees and flowers, I'm reminded of the lanterns God is always sending us; the little messages to show us that He is there, and He loves us, and will wait for eternity to have us.

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