Wednesday, May 4


It's unreal what the words "knee surgery" did to my heart this morning. I was helping a lady to her car when she said, "I've been in the hospital because of my knee surgery." I have absolutely no idea what she said after that; I was suddenly overwhelmed by a dark cloak that stole my breath, clutched my heart, and stopped my feet in their tracks. A well of anger and grief seemed to captivate all of me.

I understand that it wasn't the knee surgery that made my grandma sick, or knee surgery that caused two weeks of pain in a hospital, or knee surgery that took my grandma from our lives, but I had a hard time letting those words just be words. I also understand that my grandma had many complications in her life before entering into knee surgery. Regardless, I wanted to tell that gal she was lucky to be walking to her car this morning, and heading home.

Then again, these are the times we need comfort the most, and they are also usually the times we find it. I follow Jon and Stasi Eldridge and their writings; mostly because they are so descriptive and so comforting with their words. I believe that because we are all different, we all find understanding of God in different ways, and Jon and Stasi seem to write in my heart's language.

Their Daily Reading came from their book, Desire. Once again, they hit the mark with my heart. I'm sure that most of us have questions about Heaven and what eternity really looks like. To think that my grandma has to sit in church all day, every day, seems a bit like torture. Not that she didn't like church or love God, it's just that that is not her 'heaven'. Her heaven would be acres and acres of fields and cows and hills. She would have red geraniums everywhere and she would just sit and watch her beloved animals. The sun would be warm but not scalding, and the air would be inviting and breezy, but not windy.

This passage spoke of the desires in our hearts; the desires for warmer weather, friends, cookouts, new blossoms and babies, and a season of happiness. God tells us that he has set eternity in our hearts, right alongside our desires. We desire Heaven. And if we desire Heaven and we desire spring and summer time-seasons outside of winter-then Heaven must look a lot like spring.

The ending of the reading said this;

"To leave the winter of the world behind, and find ourselves suddenly in the meadows of summer."

Now that sounds more like an eternity I'd want to have. And I believe that is a part of comfort; not asking questions and wondering about the unknown, but trusting that our loved ones and those who believe in God, have found themselves in a place of amazement and wonder, a place of sunshine, happiness, and joy, and a place where there are meadows for miles, resting in a summer place.

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