Thursday, May 19

Higher Authority

About 3 weeks ago, my mom and I were entertained by a couple of pint-size pieces of paper stuffed into cute, little cookies. Her's said, "You are about to inherit money and jewels." Most of you understand why this might have been somewhat true... And mine said, "You will be called into a position of high authority." At the time, I thought this might be a prophetic message for the job I interviewed with the exact. same. day.

Come to find out, I didn't take that job. That day, that job seemed to be all I wanted. The tasks were fulfilling, and the direction it could take me was exactly what I was wanting. The interview was stellar; probably the most meaningful and successful interview I'd ever been in. How could I not get the job?

Then, a lot of things changed. I got engaged. (Yes, most of my blogs will be about this particular topic for 135 days. I'll never get this period in life back so, please bare with me.) And suddenly, my hopes and wants and direction completely shifted. Sure, we had talked about where our lives might lead, where we might live, and what we might be doing. But placing that ring on my finger brought a whole new world of realizations to me.

It's all finally starting to sink in. I get to do my every day with this man. I get to live in the same house with him, kiss him anytime I want, and make breakfast every weekend with him. I also get to go out into the world and help minister and love on the people that he will minister and love on.

That has become my priority and my hope and my want. I probably would have enjoyed that job, and I probably would have been able to minister and love people there; on my own. I'm not so interested in doing much of anything on my own anymore. And if you knew me even one year ago, I kind of enjoyed doing my own thing.

So far today, I've had four people call me chipper, bright, smiley, and happy. I know for a fact that it's because I have been called to a position of higher authority, and I have a wonderful man on earth-who reminds me each day why I said yes-and a wonderful Father in heaven to guide me every step of the way.

I am, in fact, on happy girl.

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