Monday, May 16

Eager Anticipation

I have been eagerly awaiting this post. I feel like everyone should get their own thunder and I hate 'jumping the gun' so, I waited. But now I can publically and very openly talk about Alex Ferrero as more than my quirky sidekick, my boyfriend, or the sweet fellow who brings me lunch. I can actually divulge tons of information about him; the great man who is now my fiance'.

When I first met Alex, I was drawn to him. In a crowded room, full of other bowlers, I just could not stop staring at him. For reasons unknown to me, I had to be next to him. Even at the restaurant, I made sure I was seated beside him, I listened to every word he said, and over and over I thought, "Please don't let him be with someone else."

And he wasn't. He was completely unattached, setting goals for himself, and moving in a great direction. I was so thankful to be spending a week in the same town as him because one night just wasn't going to be enough; I could tell.

By night 3 and day 4, we were placing bets on UFC fights, running into other cars, and carrying on the most meaninful, funny, and ridiculous conversations two people could have. We discovered we were writers, Disney-movie fans, and lovers of God. Quite a few weeks later-after I had told other people-I told him that if someone asked me to build the person I wanted to spend my life with, I would have built him.

Now I know that isn't true. I could have never put someone together that fit me so well. I would have never dreamt a face that is so handsome, or a personality so sweet and kind. I could have never pulled that off. (Thanks, God.)

He laughs at my unfunny jokes, he is patient and understanding when I am whimsical, he comforts me when I'm worrying about nothing, he daydreams about roadtrips with me, and most importantly, he chooses to love me every single day, good or bad.

And now he has chosen to love me every day for the rest of his life. Now, he is planning with me-picking locations and colors and invitiations; he is comforting me when I'm worrying about being a good wife and he is painting pictures that I used to dream about.

And suddenly my anticipation and excitement has shifted. I used to hope for the perfect wedding, and dream about the ideal day and location and flowers. I still want those things to be lovely, but they are no longer my focus. Now, I hope for a home filled with daily laughter, and walls that could tell stories of how much we love eachother. I dream about a big kitchen that is always lingering with yummy smells, and a porch that is perfect for watching sunsets. I dream about days and days, and years and years filled with him.

And I apologize for being so open with what we have, but I think the whole world should get to know why I am the most eager girl who cannot wait to be Mrs. Ferrero, and that I could not have asked for a more perfect, wonderful person to share this life with.


  1. You make your momma cry! You should save this one for your children, or for you to read when he leaves the toilet seat up or forgets to take the trash out and you are annoyed....

  2. Thank you, Alyssa :)

    I love you so much and can't wait for you to be Mrs. Ferrero. ;)

  3. Thanks, Momma :-) Good idea, I will.