Sunday, May 15


Alex and I are a quirky couple. We decided we would take an entire day to have fun; a Dayte, if you will. We decided to make breakfast-our favorite meal-play games, take pictures, and blog about it. This is what happened on Friday the 13th; National Kiss Day; our 'Dayte' day.

No cooking experience is ever complete without something to snack on in the meantime. Way to go, Alex!

The fun thing about frittata is that you can put in anything you want. We went with a "Denver-omelette-idea'. Saute your veggies with oil first. Here is where I realized I forgot the mushrooms. :-(

Alex diced up the ham and whisked the eggs.

Then, add the rest of your ingredients with the eggs.

(See what we mean about needing snacks? )

Sprinkle the top with lots of cheese and place it in the oven. I'm not exactly sure for how long, just wait until the edges are a golden brown and the cheese is bubbling.

While you're waiting, why not try a delicious beverage? (Seattle's Best, Hazelnut)
And don't worry, we were not up at 5:30 am...

And this, is the end result. Looks kinda like breakfast pizza...
Be sure you spend plenty of time enjoying it!

And much to my surprise, our 'Dayte' turned into 'Engagement Day'. Yup, he proposed! With a crystal rose and a gorgeous, perfect ring.

This was just the beginning of a day full of announcing the news, and celebrating, Reese's style.

At the end of a really exciting, and kind of long day, you'll probably want to grab some Potato Oles...

And so now, we call it 'Engagement Breakfast Pizza'. :-)

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