Monday, April 25

Yellow Jacket

I was standing in the aisle of a moderately busy Marshall's. I was there for moral support and fashion advice. This day wouldn't have been out of the ordinary or blog-worthy if not for the off-chance glance in lieu of my hobby (people-watching) and use of my expertise eavesdropping.

I turned to watch behind me as a couple wheeled their baby through the aisle. Their backs facing each other, they reached for an item with much anticipation. She grabs a yellow, mid-length, Diane-Keaton-like, just-right-for-Spring, jacket. (And, if you know anything about Marshall's, items are scattered. Everywhere.) The gentleman reached for the exact same jacket. They turned, showing the other one the item they hand-picked like a prize goldfish at the fair, and gasped! They had chosen the same jacket! (Before you jump to conclusions, the man was picking it out for her to wear. I could tell.)

The smiles welled up on their faces and the giggling rang through the store. I stood behind them with my usual 'aww face' and nearly melted like butter on popcorn. I was stunned and jealous and completely in love with the moment I had so sneakily invited myself into. My fellow shoppers-Mom and Alex-just stared at me, wondering what could possibly have me rendered for words.

I remember, in that moment, thinking of what a great goal that was. We have goals for jobs and careers, homes and success, but how many of us remember to put goals on our relationships? I think that sometimes we believe our relationships will But I made a note in my head and in my heart, to have a relationship just like that. A relationship with a partner and friend who knows me so well that he would pick out the exact jacket for me as I would.

And he does. He works hard to know me that well and does it out of love and kindess. He is the kind of friend who takes me to dinner and orders for me, and who takes me to see a movie I've been anticipating for months even though he hardly has an interest. He laughs at my jokes, not out of empathy or support, but because he truly thinks I'm funny. He is the kind who knows how to 'woo' and impress me, care for me and help me, without directions or instructions. He would pick out the same things for my life as I would, without me asking or requesting. And he fits me, like a bright, yellow, cozy jacket.

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