Friday, April 29

Wedding Day

I took a drive in my grandmother's car this morning. I turned on her favorite radio station, so I could listen for her today. It was almost like she was sitting there, laughing at the silly man with me. He was very confident in his new discovery...

"I'm a genius! I now know why the Royal Wedding is such a big deal today! This huge, royal wedding is every girl's dream; regardless of her age or location, every girl wants what Kate has."

Well, fellow, I think you might be wrong.

I will agree, Kate's dress is gorgeous, the horses and carriages and palace are elegant and fancy. But, I am not the kind of girl who wants a wedding that is broadcasted on national television, or rules and guidelines for where I can step and when I can kiss the groom, nor do I want a wedding with millions and billions of faces that I don't recognize. This might be a good time for a story...

I was 10, maybe 11, and I was my mother's 'Plus 1' to a summer wedding in Ft. Collins, Colorado. (It might have been Loveland...) The wedding ceremony was under a pure, white tent on the lawn of a golf course that sat on it's own field and area of Colorado-goodness. The air was warm and the sky was a perfect blue with puffy, white coulds that seems to decorate the Heavens just for this special day. There were flowers and candles and birds all around.

The bride's name was Maria. She was even more lovely than the skies and the tent and the flowers. She had brown, curly hair that was perfectly placed with pins. Her gown was a snowy white and her bouquet was one of a kind with luscious petals and leaves. She entered the tent and every guest was breathless. But I always glance at the groom; his face will tell you much he loves her in that precious moment. He really, really loved her.

At the end of the ceremony, there was a white carriage with beautiful, strong horses. The groom took his brand new bride in his arm, led her to the carriage and helped her in, like she was his angel and prize. They rode away from the tent while Brooks and Dunn sang "My Maria". (Well, not in person...) The sun was just setting across the mountains, making those beautiful clouds turn brilliant shades of orange and pink. And, at such a young age, I fell in love.

That day and that wedding and that couple and that song; that is my dream. I was instantly attracted and attached to weddings from that day forward. I've been looking forward to my own ever since that day. I won't necessarily need the same setting or the same tent, I'll have my own beautiful day and beautiful scenery. I'll also have a wonderful groom who thinks of me as an angel and who treats me like a prize. I'll know because I'll be looking right at him, deep into those kind, gentle eyes.

I will, however, say that Kate has one thing I do want; a horse and carriage.

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  1. The tent was pure and white? Or the tent was pure white? lol