Tuesday, April 19


Every now and then, we hear or see something that completely alters the way we think and believe and act. That exact thing happened a couple of weeks ago in one of my favorite places this side of Heaven; at my church in Parker, Colorado. (Yes, I have many "home" churches. I like to have one in every town, so that when I visit loved ones, I don't have to miss out.) And this church, in particular, is one of my favorites. The people are like family, regardless of the length of time they've known you. The atmosphere is inviting, and God is surely alive throughout those walls and windows and smiles.

One of my favorite pastors to listen to, Jeff Hutcheon, spoke about testimonies. He reminded us that each time we testify to the promises God has kept, or the change God has made, or the good that we have seen God do, that all of Heaven opens up, and angels lean in to listen; the skies rejoice.

Mmm, food to my soul.

To think, angels are paying attention to what we are saying, and all of Heaven is rejoicing because of the words coming out of our mouths; how can we even fathom that?

My heart melted and my soul was grateful to hear those words from Jeff. I think that sometimes, especially in our culture, it is so easy to become...demoralized. We get used to using slang or derrogatory language, we get used to talking about the negativity, and we even get used to using gossip in our daily conversations. And I am certainly no exception.

But, I find myself wanting the angels to be listening and rejoicing in my every word. I want all of Heaven to be celebrating in what I'm sharing with the world. I no longer want to feed into the darkness and lies of the earth; I'd rather be spreading light and truth and joy on this planet that is full of contentment, tolerance, and misconceptions. I want to feed people's souls, much like Jeff did mine, and I'd like angels to be smiling in Heaven whenever I speak.

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