Wednesday, April 13


I am an adventurer. Sometimes a wanderer, but mostly an adventurer. I am not a follower or a settler. I like plans, but I enjoy the spontaneous, and I am always looking for the next hurdle to jump or the next voyage to set out on. I might be a voyager. But, I am definitely not a settler.

Case in point, I've thought-numerous times-that many different careers would be enjoyable. I've gone from marine biologist to teacher to physical therapist to zoo keeper. (Nevermind the fact that I would need to sell all of my organs to afford the student loans.) I just think so many things sound

Today, I watched inently as my mom got her eyes checked. (I would compare myself to a 6 year old watching how taffy is made.) All those machines and gadgets and big words she used simply amazed me.

Now that would be fun, I thought.

Then, I listened to the optometrist go through all the switches and gadgets and mirrors on his oversized-goofy-looking-eye-checker-thingamajigger. (I'm positive that's what they call it in Optometry school.)He explained the uses of the eye and the muscles of the eye and the things that might go wrong in the eye. Then I was in amazement of this "tool" that God has given us. I was amazed to see all the nerves and muscles and layers of a single eyeball. Then, to learn that each of those has a significant purpose and if even one of them were damaged or out of place, we would have a very difficult time interpreting the things we see.

And imagine, not being able to see the different colors of the sky or the always moving clouds. Imagine not experiencing the seasons through their different shapes and colors. Imagine not seeing the smiles of the ones you love, or only being able to hear your favorite movie. This single, intricate body part provides us with so many gifts. It enhances our lives.

Yup, I could definitely be an optometrist.

Here is where I began to remember something; not only has God totally outdone Himself and given us the human eye, He's gone a step farther and given us an eye to see the things beyond this world. He's given us eyes to see into the spiritual realm where everything is possible and plans are made and life is bigger and better. God has given us a set of eyes that can look past distress and past worry and past heartache, and into the promises He has made. And, sometimes, those eyes can be damaged or discouraged, too.

Therefore, we need help keeping those eyes healthy, too. We need encouragement and truth to keep those eyes in clear vision. Most of the time, this help comes from our relationships and community. We can use other gifts He has given us to listen and to help and to guide. I can help those around me see with those spiritual eyes. I can teach others God's word and remind them of those promises; I can show them love and forgiveness and grace and I can guide them into a life where they see past their human eyes.

I am an adventurer, and maybe a voyager; I am also, most definitely, an optometrist.

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