Tuesday, April 12


When they claimed hotels and banks and salons and restuarants as "customer service jobs", they nailed it. I have always hoped to have a good servant's heart; a heart that is willing to give and help others selflessly. And apparently having a servant's heart is to also have a heart that will smile and continue to help, even when you're being treated like the gum they stepped on before they came through the door...

But, this is not the point. The point is the lady who so graciously offered her story about Wine Country this morning. That's right, she went to Napa. Her and her husband flew to California, stayed in a modern-cottage-style, small hotel, ate and drank all day, every day, and took a balloon ride over the green, rolling hills. Wasn't that so nice of her to share her story?-immediately following the man who was livid because I didn't recognize him...

(You're no Brad Pitt, fellow)

And you should know, I daydream about Napa Valley. Those rolling, green hills make me think of the perfect place to read my books, watch the sky, and listen to Andee McKee. All the grapes and breads and pastas make me think of the perfect place to cast all my cares away. The warm, sunny days would be the perfect backdrop to spend all hours of the afternoon writing and napping. I could spend hours upon hours painting oil pictures of the days I would spend in Napa.

What I love, possibly the most, is that it is just that; my daydream. I don't know what Napa actually looks like or feels like, and I don't know that I'll ever get to be in Napa, but it's beautiful and perfect in my imagination.

That's the difference between Napa and Heaven. I daydream about Heaven. I imagine the scenery as beautiful as God's original creation; ocean waves beside those same rolling, green hills. Tropical forests as far as the eye can see. Mountains that reach for the infinite sky. I imagine the beauty of lions and lambs laying in the fields. (From one of my favorite images in the Bible.) I imagine running through those fields with my older brother, and watching birds fly high above us. (He liked trains and planes, but I bet he likes the birds in Heaven even better.) I imagine Jesus telling stories. And while these daydreams are perfect and beautiful, I imagine it will be even better than that. And I will, in fact, be there one day.

And that's the difference between Heaven and my life, right now. I imagined having a life full of love and laughter and happiness. A life of family game nights, Sunday dinners, and road trips. I imagined a job and career that utilized my strenghts and passions, and opportunities that flourish my heart. I imagine having a person to share all of it with who was kind and gentle, quirky and goofy, and a lot like me; who delights in the quirky, goofy person I am. I imagined holidays and weekends and events surrounded with the people I love.

And what do ya know? Here I am, in that exact place.

I think that everyone should have a Napa; a place to daydream about. And everyone should have their ideas of Heaven; a place to look forward to. And everyone should have realities and dreams coming true about their own life, right now.

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