Wednesday, April 27


One of the greatest parts about growing up with my mom is that she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything medical. She is an overflowing spring of facts and helpful hints and health benefits. She was in the medical field for years and is going back shortly. As I coughed and sneezed and weezed, I asked...well, whined...about my stinking sinuses. I wanted know, why in the world, they had to fill up with disgusting phlem and put so much pressure on my head that I want to poke it with a needle!...

"They're fighting bacteria," She says. "The sinuses are used for two purposes; One, to resonate your vocal chords and to lighten the load of the skull." (Let me remind you that some people don't need sinuses; their loads are already pretty light...)"They will fill up to stop the bacteria from getting anywhere else."

See? A wealth of knowledge.

Alright, alright. Thank you, sinuses. Thank you for protecting the rest of my body and working so hard to get rid of bacteria. It's much appreciated...sort of.

It got me to thinking, as most simple things do, how many defenses we actually have. How many things are working to protect us, and we just consider them as a nuissance? For instance, the stop lights that make us late for work, the pouring rain that soaks our clothes and ruins our hair, and those extra pounds that creep up on our waistline. These sort of defenses can protect us from wrecks and accidents, drought and fire, and bad health.

It can be difficult to find the good in the bad, but I think it's important to keep our eyes and minds on the positive side if life. I choose to be thankful for the little things that keep me safe and healthy and alive each day.

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