Thursday, March 31

What I've Learned

A few times, I've wrestled with myself and the idea that the past two years have meant nothing. If I'm going back to the starting block, am I erasing all my time out here on my own? Obviously, the answer is no. Obviously, the past two years have made a drastic change in who I am and where my life is headed. But because list-making tickles my fancy, I'm going to make a list of all the things I've learned in no specific order.

1) Summers are the best in Colorado. Patios and parks and music everywhere. But Colorado thunderstorms don't hold a candle to thunderstorms in Nebraska.

2) Sometimes, you do get what you give. Other times, you can be as sweet as pie and still get kicked in the 'John-Brown-hindparts'. It's just the way it is.

3) Moving to Colorado without your motorcycle is plain dumb. Regardless of your fear of the interstates.

4) First impressions do tell you about a person. But it usually doesn't say anything about their heart.

5) Mountains are the best backyard landscape. It's impossible to take them for granted. (I didn't have to tell many of you that.)

6) Times of struggle and heartache really are opportunities for growth, but you have to let them be. You can choose to get angry and bitter OR, you can choose to say, "God, what are You up to?" Let Him show you, and be amazed by how you grow.

7) Never expect anything. Instead, trust in the unexpected. You'll probably fall in love with the unexpected.

8) Do NOT worry. It all works out.

9) There are mean, rude, malicious people everywhere. The good ones make up for it. Always.

10) Someone else's God may not be yours. Regardless of how wise they are or how much they know. Find your God. Search and listen to His word and His truth, and He will show himself to you. Taking someone else's word for it, could lead you down a dangerous path.

11) There are hidden Jewells everywhere. Hang on to them when you find them.

12) The term, "You'll just know" has always driven me nuts. But, it's true. You WILL know when it's right and when it's wrong. Plus, everyone around you will know as well. And they'll support you.

13) Soak in as much advice as you can. Eat up kind words. And write them all down; they'll come in handy.

14) Hot pink nail polish and a great pair of heels will fix a bad day in an instant.

15) People complain. Tell them to stop intoxicating your air...

16) Patience IS a virtue. That doesn't mean it gets any easier to achieve it.

17) "Figure out what you want and learn to ask for it." --A line from a movie, but so, so true. And here I am, figuring out what I want and learning to ask for it. I have big, BIG dreams and I'm setting out to achieve them.

Lastly, love really is the greatest of all things. Thank you, to all of you who got me where I am and never stopped encouraging me or loving me.


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