Saturday, March 12


I have found, more often than not, most people are criticized for how they are. They are told they are too sensitive, too mature, too full of worry, too emotional, etc, etc. And I'll agree, some of us have a lot of growing up to and a lot of learning to do and a lot of trust to discover. But I also think that trying to be someone other than ourselves can lead to a life separate from what was already planned for us.

This topic comes to mind from a dear friend, co-worker, and rockin' massage therapist. She is one of the most insightful people I know. She is spiritual and uses a spiritual compass to walk through life. She says things like, "Many things in life define us, but is that really who we are?" and, "You're derailing the train, taking a new path". She's uplifting and inspiring and deep. She reaches right into the hiding places of your soul, and shines her light.

She's even been told, by some of her friends, to quit being SO deep about things; to just lie back and let things slide and have a nonchalant, careless attitude. They told her life would be easier.

I immediately thought of those ocean creatures; the ones resting on the dark floors, that have weird appendages and feelers, and are the colors of glowing transparency. And had we, as explorers and biologists, just waded on top of the water we would have never found them. Granted, they are a bit spooky and strange, but they are interesting and full of new discoveries and facts. And amazingly enough, there a million more species yet to discover.

If we begin to choose a life of mediocrity and shallowness, we will continue to look at the top of the water and out at the horizon. This view is stunning, beautiful, pleasant, and easy to look at, but what will we ever learn or discover up there? If we're willing to dig deep, try harder, and face the emotions and insecurities and the spiritual side of our circumstances, we will grow and learn much more than we ever would have resting in easy places and shallow waters. If we trust, have some faith, and are willing to be deep, we'll find that it offers more of a life than the shallow, wading waters ever would.

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