Tuesday, March 15


Ladies and Gents, today is the day. March 15th. The day after that awful Bachelor Finale. The day after Brad choked up, teared up, and manned up and popped the question. The day after Emily showed zero emotion-in my opinion-publically dissed Brad, and quite frankly made me regret picking her in the beginning. But, I digress...

It is also the day after I ranted about the woman and her paper coffee cups. One thing you should know, I can be a bit irrational. I can jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and be a bit critical. I'm working on it. (I'm making myself very transparent at this point, and I'd appreciate your grace and understanding, thanks. ) Regardless, I tend to forget that there are two sides to each coin, two opinions to each story, and two people in every situation. I was quickly reminded, today, by our lovely-little product rep, Blake.

Of course, because I'm female, I was stuck on this silly lady and her cup story. (Yes, still.) And actually, it was funny today. And then Blake, the balloon-popper, reminded me that some people can't handle germs. They are literally 'germaphobes'. And maybe, just maybe, this woman has an extreme fear of germs and any sign of them could throw her into anaphylactic shock. Maybe she has a deep-rooted drive to defeat bacteria before it strikes. Hence, the extreme desire of a paper cup.

So, here I am, feeling pretty bad that I didn't run to Walgreens, grab a bag of paper cups and declare them for her and all future appointments. I'm feeling bad that mostly I wanted to tackle her to the ground. (Which, also would have been covered with germs...) Until I remembered, even IF you have an extreme fear of germs, and even IF you hate that music they're playing too loud upstairs, and even IF I forgot to discount that product 10%, people are still people. We are all just trying to enjoy our lives, throw in some happiness, and LOVE one another. Why do we treat each other so badly?

This is a lesson I have to remind myself also, but I'd like to think I have this heart for people and a heart for making people feel loved. When a woman walks out of our salon and comments that we made her day, I am delighted. Or when a friend feels appreciated by a simple text I sent, I'm ecstatic. I WANT people to know they are loved and I WANT people to experience happiness. Why, as humans, do we try so darn hard to take that away from other humans? Why don't we help each other out a little?

Regardless of what happened in your day, or what mishap you ran into, there is no--zero, zip, zilch, natta--excuse for treating other people like they are less than dirt. I'm truly crushed by how some people treat others. My heart breaks for the people who really have no compassion and zero social boundaries, and the people they hurt in their path. My solution? Why don't we start a new bandwagon, and call it the 'Think Twice, Be Nice' wagon?

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