Tuesday, March 22

Mr. Ferrero

Secretively, in the back of my mind, in the vain-area, I was hoping that people would think,

"Man, I haven't seen a new writing from Alyssa for a few days. That sure bums me out, I really look forward to reading those. They brighten my day!"

Alright, enough, enough. I took a few days to visit some of my favorite people, and my brother this past weekend. (Just kidding, he's pretty darn close to the top favorite. But, he doesn't read this blog. That'll teach him...) And I always love the feeling I get when I've taken a few days off. The feeling of, "I'd really love a corner table at the coffee shop with the zebra-print chair, a sunny afternoon, some Audrey Assad and Andy McKee, and 3 hours to write." (By then, the waitresses-servers-girls? are just tired of having to give the courtesy "How are you doing? Need anything?" check-ups.)

I get a deep rooted desire and itch to write. That's exactly how a passion oughta be, I think!

And so, here I am, writing my third piece--like I'm the equivalent to Mozart?-for the night. And I remembered one of my greatest sins to date!

I still haven't written a 'Love Day' for Bill Ferrero.

My 'Love Days' were halted because of that nasty death-demon disguised as the flu. (I really thought he had me surrendered.) I do promise to make it up to each of you. But, after spending some time around Bill this past weekend, I realized it is his due time.

And so, Bill Ferrero, today is your day. I want to take plenty of time to tell you how admirable of a man you are. You are strong and strong-willed, you are wise and insightful, you are a leader and warrior, and so obviously on your way to being a professional food connoisseur.

Was that enough time?

In all seriousness, I may not know you as well as your childhood friends, your parents, your wife and kids, or Chris Dodson, but anyone who knows those people know what kind of God-fearing man and father you are. You have raised some of the funniest, most intelligent, most kind, gentle and caring children I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You have raised a family who does good for the people around them and genuinely want to make changes in the world. If that doesn't prove who you are, maybe the church family you lead does. The church that is full of the friendliest and most loving people can be proud to say that you, Bill Ferrero, lead them down a good and right path.

This might be touching on creepy, Lys.

It's not that I'm trying to sway you into finally writing that guest blog, or take me out for lunch and that orange-milkshake-swirl thing...it's just that I am genuinely grateful to have you and your family in my life. Many times I have started writing an email asking for your advice and wisdom, knowing that a flood of help would greet me in my inbox. I truly hope to be a light in other people's lives just as you and your family are to me. So, happy Wednesday and Love Day, Bill! Keep up the good work ;-)


  1. What an encourager you are! When you skipped me in February, I thought my accolades might come on April first. :)

    Just so you know, I am one of those daily blog-checkers. Dance, Love, Sing is on the favorites bar. I click it twice a day thinking, "Man, I haven't seen a new writing from Alyssa for a few days. That sure bums me out, I really look forward to reading those. They brighten my day!"
    So your vanity is well deserved.

    Since you called me out like this, I have to say that I actually deserve less than 50% of the credit for my kids- Cheryl is both the beauty and the brains of this outfit.

    I got an idea cooking for that guest post thing- I'll get it to you soon. :)

  2. Aw, see? Thanks, Bill. I'm glad to brighten your day.

    And I figured I might need to write a rebuttle tomorrow for the Mrs. who made the Mr. ;-) You've both done such an incredible job. I admire you both more than you may ever know.

    Thanks for reading and commenting and encouraging, daily :-)