Monday, March 21

In Between

For Alex. Because you tolerate my 'corny-ness' and my jokes. You are anything but current. And because your wonderful writing inspires my writing. And because you are a great example of being patient in the time in between, and you fill my time in between with love and laughter. Your call is coming.

Most of us know the little quirks that make us, us. And most of use those quirks and characteristics as excuses. Being raised in the Cornhusker state, I am ridiculously corny. (See what I did there?) And that is my excuse for quoting song lyrics in completely serious conversations. Unintentionally, of course.

While discussing my current endeavors with my current boyfriend--joke!--I caught myself saying, "There is something to be said for the time in between." I was of course discussing the trials and tests we face as we are waiting for phone calls and results, direction and guidance. But I caught myself reaching into the 'Music' filing cabinet in my memory, fingering through my 'Favorites' and 'Top Played', and slipped out the lyrics to Francesca Batistelli's 'Time In Between'. And then out tumbled the words as if I had written them myself for that cute, little brunette, powerhouse-vocals artist.

God came to this earth in the form of a human. He came as an infant, just like the rest of us, and took the emotions, the temptations, and the trials that we all take, day to day. He did that to be close to us, to experience life with us, and to show us that He is with us. Years later, He died for us. Suffered and died for each of us. He did that to show us that He loves us, saves us, wants us, and again, is with us. These two very significant dates in history changed everything about our lives here on earth and for eternity. If you have a relationship with God or desire a relationship with God, you know how meaningful those two days are in your own life.

And, honestly, Jesus didn't really have to do much else. He could have been born in the manger with very few clothes, played with the neighbor kids, traveled the country, told a couple people about 'the future', and then walked to His cross. He really could have laid back and just used those two days as His fame. I, in fact, could not have asked for much more. I don't think any of us would have said, "Thanks for leaving the beautiful gates of Heaven and taking the beating for our wrongdoing. Would ya mind performing a few miracles, also?"

But He gave more. He did more.

The time in between those amazing dates is the time Jesus used to heal people, to help people, to love on all people, and talk to people. He used that time-a few decades-to set a good example, to put in hard work, to study and learn, and to reach as many people as possible. Jesus used his "down time" and his "in-between time" for the greater good. He knew that one day He would join His father once again so, he lifted his eyes to Heaven, gaurded his heart, and patiently waited in the time in between.

You see, there IS something to be said for the time in between. Maybe you're waiting for healing, maybe you're waiting for a job or promotion, maybe you're waiting to see where the road might lead, and maybe you're just waiting for some big event to shake things up and make life exciting. Take heart; it IS coming! Life is a journey-says my boss today-and it's worth waiting for and being excited for and living for. And we get big moments in our life, but they don't come every day. I believe that if we sit around and wait for our "big breaks" we might miss the little ones in between. I think we have unique opportunities each day to help others, to change lives, and to grow in our love and patience and understanding. I believe we are constantly moving and if we become lazy or apathetic, we will miss the daisies and roses in our path.

I myself am learning that I can write anywhere, I can run anywhere, I can sing anywhere, and I can learn from and worship my God, from anywhere. The important part, while I wait for my next direction, is to listen and wait and learn from Him. And as I wait, somewhat patiently, for the desires of my own heart to come true, I can become more obedient and loving so that I can be a better writer, follower, wife, and mother.

So, remember, anytime that you're in waiting, you're also in a period of 'in between', and what you do with THAT could be more meaningful and more useful and more amazing to you and those around you than you might have imagined. Someone, someday, may write books and stories about your love and goodness for all the world to read.

You obeyed when He whispered Son, you have to leave tonight
To spend nine months in a mother's womb
Three days in a borrowed tomb
But it's the time in between
That brings me to my knees, knowing You came for me
and all that I can be


  1. Great blog...... great writing...... good song

  2. From your intro I expeceted something corny, but found something insightful. Thanks!

  3. Wow! You are a fantastic writer!!!! Powerful message!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents and ministry with the rest of us.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Debi, that's quite a huge compliment to call it a talent and ministry...and greatly appreciated :-) Miss you!