Thursday, March 10


Picture this.

A wide open, clear, blue sky with a bright, warm sun lighting up the trees. A cool breeze alerting the birds that Spring is on it's way. The mountains, large and mighty, shedding their last layers of snow to prepare for new growth. A few of my favorite things; running shoes, my iPod, and the puppies. And Bethany Dillon singing these lyrics:

Love woke me up this morning
With a memory
Love came and whispered a story
That awakened a dream

Imagine a beautiful castle
And a beautiful king
He left the comfort of his throne
To fight for victory

I am a dreamer
Take me higher
Open the sky up
Start a fire
I believe
Even if it's just a dream

Love woke me up this morning
And I ran to see
The king in the winners' circle
On the horse he won for me

Only a king would do anything
To protect the kingdom
I am a dreamer who believes in Love. Believes in a King, who isn't afraid to get his armor dirty. Believes in a King who does good for His people and His kingdom.
And I've noticed, when I'm falling in love with something in my life, I'm falling in love with my God. Because He brought those things to me for MY good and the good of His kingdom.
Aaahh, a picture perfect morning. :-)

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