Wednesday, March 30


One of the only perks about customer service is the constant flow of new and interesting people. The downfall is the rarity that they are going to be nice. One of my favorite people at the salon is our product representative. This man is packed full of great jokes, blunt honesty, and knowledge like you wouldn't believe. He says that's the trade off for being "old".

Yesterday, I handed out my first goodbye and he wished me lots of luck, with this story: When him and his wife got married, they knew they wanted a very 'un'-average honeymoon. (His word, not mine...though, I kinda like it.) They picked a buffalo ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming--duh, where else would they have one of those? They spent a week on horseback, racing across the plains like a couple of pioneers. He says it was the best honeymoon choice they could have made. Then, they high-tailed it to Vegas!

As he was telling me about the experience, he mentioned the buffalo and how their instincts tell them to "migrate" south for the winter and back north for the summer. Basically, they graze until there is nothing left and have to move to the hills full of new grass. He said to successfully move them is to single-out the families, or the pods. This makes it much easier-until they get jittery and nervous; then they charge. However, as you do this, you might have a "straggler". Sometimes you will have a buffalo who wanders off and stubbornly says, "Um no, I'm not moving. I like it here."

I love stories like these. Mostly because I imagine a lone buffalo, sweet and full of rebellion; well groomed, starry-eyed, and determined. I imagine her (it has to be a she, females are usually the stubborn ones, wanting to do it THEIR way) looking across the hills, knowing there is more out there than North and South. I imagine her being a dreamer; dreaming of new adventures and plenty of friends. She is a traveler who wants to see that big, blue sky across wide, open spaces.

I also imagine myself as that buffalo. I am a dreamer. I dream of far-away places and adventure beyond this world. I refuse to live in comfort and mediocrity, and I choose to be open-minded, determined, and trusting. I'm willing to go with the flow, but I am not willing to just follow the crowd. I'd much rather have some faith, sometimes with a little fear, and wander out of the fences and gates.

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