Sunday, February 6

Sanay Manning

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

When I was hired at ATNY, I was warned about a few “strong personalities”, and how they might intimidate me. When I met you, I thought you were it. First, I pronounced your name wrong. Then, I think I tried to make a joke that wasn’t even funny.

“She hates me,” I thought.

About a month later, we were having a conversation about your ‘Jesus lady’. I don’t know where you lost your intimidation, but I was so grateful to have you at work. We continued talking about her and Zodiac signs—which are so accurate that I’m baffled—and sweet Eva, and bartenders and waitresses. And the little encouragements that you give me each day.

Oh, did I mention how beautiful my hair is?

In all honesty, I have never known someone with a bigger heart; a heart that may have seemed hidden but is as loving and honest and caring as they come. Any person could see this once they meet Eva-the most polite, grown-up little girl.

You are an amazingly strong woman who has raised an amazingly sweet girl. Plus, you take care of others around you. You are a Godly woman who is honest with Him and loving of Him. You light up my days and make me feel good just being around you.

I can’t ever thank you enough for not actually hating me. And I can't thank you enough for all of the little things you do :-)

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