Tuesday, February 8

Megan Roach

We have been called sisters and cousins and obviously friends. Sisters though, was probably my favorite. I’ll admit, we do look a bit alike but, if I had half the strength and courage that you have, I’d feel blessed.

I’ve watched you build your own business, train and help people around you, lead others to success, and survive some very tough events. I cannot believe what an incredible girl, young woman, sister, and friend you are. I’m truly amazed.

Anyone who meets you knows how amazing you are. You’re sweet and sincere, strong and independent, and caring to everyone around you. It only takes 5 minutes for anyone around you to be impressed by you. You, my sweet friend, will go places. Big, far, monumental places.

You mentioned one time that you hope we stay friends. Megan, I could not imagine not being your friend. I can’t imagine not sharing our stories and not laughing about silly people together. You’re an amazing friend and person, and I know we will stay in touch, always. But, we do owe each other a country concert, a line-dancing evening, or something that means a girls night out! And we will get there, too—promise.

Honestly, I just admire you and I appreciate you being the friend you are. Never forget the strength and beauty YOU have, and that no one can ever take that away. <3

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