Wednesday, February 9

Laura McBride

The minute I heard you say “I have 5 kids” I knew, you were One. Tough. Lady,Laura McBride.

I had instant admiration for a woman who looked so good and had it all together, even with a full house. And THEN, you told us that 2 of them were adopted. You told us the story and the heart it took to go through all of it.

And to this day, I hope and pray to be a mom that is even half as good as you are.
You’ve also been like a second mom to me. We’ve had some very deep and meaningful conversations and we’ve had shopping days-running all over town for a little Indian outfit! (Which you completely and totally pulled off, by the way!) You helped me get through quitting a job, ending a relationship, and finding myself. I have an ache in my heart to be closer to you, to share more of those moments.

And oh, those kids. Handsome, beautiful, sweet, polite, and God-loving, I adore each of them so much.

I miss you and your terrific family. Thank you for stepping into my life and changing it for the better.

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  1. Oh friend- thank you! This is such a blessing to me today. Thank you for picking me! for one of your days!

    I love you and miss you!

    We must do lunch and shopping VERY soon! I'm in desperate need of an update!

    Happy Birthday month to one gorgeous and amazing lady!