Thursday, February 3

Joanna Wager

You put s’wager’ in my step, a slang in my words, and a flutter in my heart, my dear, sweet, Joanna.

The first day I met you, I literally went home and told my mom, “There’s this lady who says ‘dude’ ALL the time, is completely gorgeous, and makes me want to live in California and be tan.” I dunno exactly how you’ll take that…but it’s for real. I think we clicked on day one.
We, the alpha females of that group, are certainly two of a kind. No one else laughs at my jokes like you do and no one understands my silence quite like you do. I’ve cried on your pretty blouses, I’ve whined incessantly into your ears, and taken plenty of FB pics to last us a lifetime! ;-)

You are strong and full of life, and I admire that. You’ve been through so much in your life and still put on a smile…and look dang good doin’ it!

I love and adore you, and I appreciate all you’ve helped me through. I cannot imagine making it through this ‘crummy-pain in my backside-don’t ever wanna go through THAT again’ year without having you to help me.

Love you, girl

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