Tuesday, February 1

Jenn Garwood

On this first day of February, I’m reminded about my number one. My girlfriend who has been there through muddy, rainy days, and my girlfriend who has been there for sunny, celebration days.

Jenn. My moose. (These blogs will be full of inside jokes.)

I met you in a hallway in high school and thought you were innocent and sweet. It’s only when I got to know you in math class that I realized how ‘off’ I was.

Just kidding ;-)

From then on, we’ve had so many laughs. Each time we get together, we add a million more inside jokes and one-liners to our notebook of jokes. Like the time we literally slid through cars, and the time we fried our skin next to the pool. Or the time you revealed your secret of getting your eyes at Target, or when I promised to keep you posted on the time. Any time we plan to get together, I plan on peeing my pants.

Just kidding. Again.

But, in all seriousness, I hope you see how many smiles you’ve brought to my face. I hope you know how much your friendship and faithfulness means to me. I hope you realize how your honesty and advice has carried me through some very hard times. I hope you understand how I hope to be as good as a friend as you are to me.

At the risk of sounding…strange, I plan on growing old with you. In our twenties, I hope we enjoy our youth and crazy times together. In our thirties, I hope we start raising families and planning long vacations together. I hope we realize, like everyone else, how hot we are in our thirties. ;-) In our forties, I hope we find the knowledge we needed in our twenties and thirties. All the years after that, I hope we wear our red hats and poke fun at our silly, old husbands.
You are my dearest friend. You are someone I can always count on and someone who knows me better than most people in the world. You make me smile and laugh in every circumstance and climate.

I love you, Jenn.

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