Tuesday, February 15

Day 17: Lori Bruegger

Mama, I've been waiting...impatiently...for your day. But I chose this day because it is our day. On this day, 23 years ago-ugh-you brought me into this world. I became your daughter and you became my mommy. Little did you know, how fast the time would go, how many headaches I would cause, and how good our friendship would be.

My best memories of my life all include you. Whether it's the birthday trips we would take to Denver, or the country-linedance-stompin' we would do, or the times you would carry me to the couch before school, or the days you would let me stay home from school, or the heart to heart conversations we've had...

The list goes on forever. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a mom I can talk to and laugh with, that I can confide in and look up to. And we have so many more fun things in our future yet to do.

Not to mention, the great mom you've been for Cam and me. You've helped us grow up into a pair of funny, obnoxious, great people. You've been there for every event, every birthday, and every holiday, and every good and bad day in between. We mean it from the bottom of our hearts that we appreciate EVERYthing you do and all that you are. We love you and I love you.

Happy Love Day, Mama.

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  1. I'm blessed to have you 2 as kids and such a beautiful daughter!! I love you guys so much!!