Thursday, February 10

Alex Ferrero

I saved this day for a very special someone. My Valentine--if he says yes...

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” ~Albert Schweitzer

Not to make anyone else feel bad but, I spent days and weeks on this particular ‘day’. How do you write enough words to describe how someone has completely turned your life around; or how someone has ‘re-lit’ the fire of your heart; or how someone has restored your faith in a “fairy-tale” type romance? Not to mention the fact that they’ve done this in such a short time. How do you express to the world all of your feelings that are personal and intimate? How do you tell someone you think they are the best thing since chunky peanut butter, or that they’re the hot fudge to your sundae? How do you say all of that without embarrassing them or without becoming an open book for everyone to read or making people cringe at how cheesy you are?

You don’t.

But I figure none of that matters. Today is your day, Alex Ferrero, because you have done all of those things and more. You swooped into my life without warning and without plan. You were funny and charming-even though you were teasing me-and you were creative and sweet. I’m surprised each time I recall how we met and how we ended up on 17th and P telling the cops and giggling about our wreck. I’m surprised at how easy it was to talk to you and how easy it was to laugh. I’m surprised by the things you say and the words you write. I’m also impressed by you. Impressed by how you knew me before you knew me. I’m impressed by your honesty and integrity and your giant heart.

You’ve done all these things without trying. And perhaps the most amazing thing you’ve done is take me for me. You make plans like I make plans, and you enjoy my planning. You laugh at my jokes and drink my awful coffee. You fix a terrible day and make a good day even better with your words. You think I’m adorable when I make a mess at a restaurant. You understand what I’m saying in all my rambling, you let me listen to country even though you loathe it, and you let me talk about my big, crazy ideas. You push me to follow that dream of being a writer and a mentor. You take me for just what I am, and you like that girl; honestly and whole-heartedly like that girl.

I spent so much time trying to fit other people’s molds that I forgot that my own might be good enough for someone else. And you, are that someone else. I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness and thankfulness that I am adored and accepted for who I am.

And you never once assumed that I needed you. You’ve let me be strong and stubborn, and stand on these two, solid feet that I have been building for years. But you’ve carefully swept me right off of them.

There are so many other things to say to you and about you. But, I think I’ll save those for our conversations and our moments. Well, and probably other blogs… ;-) But today, this is your day, and the world should know what this change is in me. The world should know why you’re all over my life. The world should know how great you are to me.

I adore you, Alex.

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