Thursday, February 10

Bridget Brown

On that day, when I heard there was a fire, I experienced a fear I had never known.
Then, I heard that you escaped and pulled out all four of your kids. In that moment, I experienced an amazement I’d never experienced before. I couldn’t believe the bravery it must have taken for you and your family to survive those moments.

Ever since those months of your life, I’ve prayed to be that kind of mom-a mom who would sacrifice her entire life, her body, and her health for her children. It might seem like common sense for anyone to do that but, in those moments, I can’t imagine all the fear that races through your mind.

Even after that, I watched you fight to stay alive for your children again. I watched you battle through pain and tears just so you could see your babies. I watched you transform your entire life and adapt to everything that had happened. You’re an angel and the most courageous woman I know.

And oh, those kids. Sierra just amazes me with her maturity and her big heart. Sativa could melt any person with those eyes. David is hilarious and kind, and Mathias is too cute for words. And without knowing me too well, they jumped into my arms, played with me on the farm, and called me an “amigo”. I am in love with those kids.

You’ve done amazing job and I admire you for it all. I love you, Bridgey.

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