Tuesday, February 15

Brenda Stauffer-Neighbors

Brenda is one of the truly, most genuinely, sweet person you will ever meet. She never complains, she never gets angry, and she never talks badly about anyone. She's continually nice to everyone around her.

And bless her, with that husband of hers... ;-)

From the minute I started my new job, Brenda was the person encouraging me, helping me find my way, and teaching me the ins and outs of a salon business. She was patient and kind every single day.

She also sets an example for the kind of woman I want to be. I want to have her grace and composure, I want to have a genuine smile for everyone, and I want to be a person who sets a high moral, professional, and friendly standard.

Brenda, you really are one of a kind. They just don't make them as sweet, caring, friendly, nice, and loving as you are. Love you lots, Brenda.

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