Monday, February 7

Alli Dunham

There is not enough room on an endless blank document for the amount of words I have for this person.

When I moved to Colorado, I didn’t know a single soul. I was taking a chance on meeting some great people, and my hopes were greatly exceeded. By chance, I wound up at a wonderful church. And by chance, I wound up in a wonderful small group. And by chance, that small group was led by a wonderful woman named Alli.

I remember meeting you for the first time and instantly feeling comfortable. I was in your big, cozy home about to eat your warm, nose-pleasing food and you put me at ease and made me feel like another child in your home. We had exchanged a few emails but, never had I imagined the depth of our relationship. After a couple of hours, we were talking about our lives and loves; and one of them was writing.

I knew I liked writing and I was able to make the grades with it in high school. I did not know, however, how much you would inspire me to continue writing. I did not know how much writing was a part of my soul.

You also showed me forgiveness and love and helped me shake off my past. I cannot express my gratefulness for all that you did that night. The next day, with thanks to God and you, I really was a new creation.

You’ve recommended books to me like you’ve known me my whole life. Each one I read, speaks so deep to my heart and soul that I’m overwhelmed. I can’t hear “Hey, Soul Sister” without thinking of you and your adoring husband. (THAT is a whole other blog on the example of love and happiness.)

This, still, just isn’t doing you justice.

God led me straight into your home to grasp His love. And He continues to show me his grace, forgiveness, and mercy through your advice and words. I hope to be a light to other people much like you are. Thank you, for all you do. Love you, Alli.

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