Friday, February 4

Abby Elliot

I can hardly remember when or how we met. I know we had mutual friends in high school and I worked with your sister, and we attended the same church occasionally. But what I didn’t know is how much we always had in common. It wasn’t until we started working at the same hotel that I realized what a good friend I was missing.

You have always been able to direct me to where God is leading me. I don’t know how you do it but, I do know that you have given me some of the best advice in my life.

You were also there to pick out a simply perfect, made for me, stunningly gorgeous…item. I will never forget that day we shared.

I don’t think you know it-because I’ve probably never told you-but I thank God for having you in my life each and every day. You have led me to some great things, and protected me from some very awful things. (Don’t forget the almost move to Lincoln…)

You are the friend I can say anything to, and the friend I could not stand to lose. You, Abby Elliot, are one of kind…and much, much stronger than you know.

I appreciate your help and your kindness and your advice. I miss you and I love you, Abby.

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  1. thanks alyssa! totally made my kind of rotten day (well just things i'm thinking about) WAY better!!! love you!