Friday, January 28

Love Days

Each year, when February rolls around, I start planning out fun birthday events. Yes, I do celebrate for an entire month. It's a big deal! Regardless of how you look at it, (I was born very near a holiday completely dedicated to love and was born between the dates of Aquarius-the easy-going, bohemian-style, giving, loving, water sign) I am surrounded by love. I've decided this year, I will spread the celebration outwards.

With that said, I am dedicating a day in February to the people I love most. I will post something about each of you one day and send it to you and the rest of the world to see. If you do not wish to be publicly adored, you should probably let me know.

Disclaimer: I know wayyy more than 28 amazing people. I only have so many days to work with and I hope you know how important all of you are to me.

Enjoy this upcoming month and spread your love as far and wide as you can.


  1. Alyssa,
    Don't feel like you need to publicly adore me. I know that you admire my wit and wisdom, but, we both know that lesser mortals will be prone to fits of jealousy when the see how you lavish your praise on me. That said, I will accept cash as a substitute.

  2. Oh, Bill. Was I that transparent!? I guess my plan at subtle flattery didn't work out too well...

    ;-) Haha, I do admire you and your perfectly wonderful family. I'll start addressing my checks your way!