Saturday, January 1

Better In. Better Out.

Happy New Year!!

I have an overwhelming fondness for December 31st and January 1st. I completely understand that we can all improve and change our lives at any point during the year but, for some reason, on these two dates I am reminded of how sweet and wonderful life is. I am reminded that no matter what plans you're making or where you think your life is headed, you will surely be surprised--and, probably more than once in a year. This particular 48 hours also gives me a chance to look forward and know that my year coming up will be even more exciting! December 31st and January 1st remind me of how much I love, love, LOVE the life I've been given.

With that in mind, I've decided-reluctantly-to have a New Years resolution. It isn't that I don't like New Years resolutions but, as I said before, you can change yourself at any point during the year. But because I can feel some big changes coming, I feel inspired to be ready for them. And because I'm so appreciative of what I've been given, and am in such a great place in my walk with God, I feel I want to reflect the joy I've found.

My resolution? 'Better in, better out.' As of today, I'm going to treat this one body I've been given like the gift it is. I'll be nourishing my body with better nurtition and keeping it healthy with exercise and fitness so I am prepared for any obstacles. I'll be guarding and protecting my heart and mind by keeping positive people in my life, and by reading and soaking up truth. As a result, I'll be a walking, breathing, and speaking testimony of what God has done for all of us, as the people He loves. My goal from the resolution is that people around me would be delighted by my words and presence and that I would respect and honor everything I've been given.

I encourage everyone to reflect on your past year. Take note of the things that made you smile, the struggles that you were helped through, and the accomplishments that were achieved. I also encourage you to look ahead and expect great things to come into your life. You will meet new people, experience new beauty, and overcome things you never thought possible.

Love and blessings,

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