Wednesday, January 19


Anticipation-not the song, the emotion-is defined as being enthusiastic and involving pleasure in considering some expected or longed-for good event.

I am in anticipation.

Anticipation and I are actually pretty acquainted and very close friends. I like having things to look forward to. I like having plans for a good event. (Alright, I like having plans. Period.) I anticipate holidays and my birthday ever year. I anticipate big family events. I anticipate new movies coming out and new albums being released. Anticipation and I are pretty tight.

I happen to be getting a lot closer to anticipation as we speak. In fact, I’ve been holding hands with anticipation for nearly two weeks. I’ve been playing hopscotch and Battleship with anticipation for that long. I’ve even been interrupted in my daydreaming by my friend anticipation.

You get it. Since I left the streets of downtown Denver, I’ve been anticipating Friday, January 21st, around 5 p.m. Just saying.

And I’ll sit, with my good friend anticipation, for a few more hours until I see that really great smile; that amazingly handsome smile that I’ve grown to adore. I’ll wait, 44 hours and 27 minutes…or so…but, who’s counting?

1 comment:

  1. Anticipation and I have been playing a two-week long game of Monopoly...

    34 hours and 42 minutes...or so... ;)