Thursday, December 30


As 2010 comes to an end, I'm joyfully looking back on my year. Despite a few bumps and bruises, my heart is in tact and completely overflowing. When I look in the mirror, I love who I am, and that is a true accomplishment.

I was inspired today, by a new and sweet friend, to pick up blogging once again. As I sit here, spilling out words (and watching Inception and the Husker game), I can't believe how great it feels. And so, to properly say goodbye to 2010 I thought I would write what I know. And this, is what I know...

Over a year ago I moved to a big city in search of finding me. I have this odd love affair with Denver (if you've ever seen Sex and the City, I am Carrie and Denver is my NYC) so, I set off for anything Denver. What I found, was so much more than just me.

I found a strength that had to have come from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother comes from a family that founded a large piece of land and a ranch to put on it. Once she was left in charge of it, her goal was to prove to the world that a woman could handle large mountains. And that, is just what she did. She is a stubborn perfectionist, also known as determined and successful. I'd like to think I get that from her. My mother was given a handfull of struggles, but found happiness and love and smiles within. I'd like to think she passed that to me too.

I found out how valuable my friends really are. My closest friends don't live near me, but are so close to me that I can feel them. They're encouraging and helpful. They make me smile and let me cry. They are my angels walking on this earth. I'd like to think they're teaching me to be good friends, too.

I found a new respect for each of my brothers. My older brother was unable to experience the world like many of us. His life was shorter than many of ours will be. However, he had a smile that lit up every room from miles away. He laughed when I laughed and cried when I cried. He taught me how special life really, and truly, is. My younger brother is already accomplishing large things. Like me, he is an old soul. His wisdom and knowledge amazes me. His humor matches mine. I'd like to think he's more than a brother, but a best friend as well.

I found that my love for music and literature and photography run deeper than "hobbies". God made my heart and soul my navigation for this life. They are my tools in guiding me. They are how I respond to the world around me. Guitar chords and piano notes sing strait into my heart and soul. Beautiful, heart-felt lyrics speak to me. Books and pictures guide me and teach me. These are all things that God uses to speak to me daily.

Most importantly, I found myself surrounded deeply and fully in the love of my Heavenly Father. I found myself at peace with who He created me to be, and happiness in knowing He was guiding my steps. I found myself being shaped into an amazing person; an adopted child of God.

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